got milk?

timeless nutrition.

Serving neighbors,

a passion for quality.

Farming excellence
for 3 generations

Family owned
and operated

Beason Family Farm

Fresh Wholesome All Natural Milk

Produced daily in our pristine facilty.

Taste the difference. Our cream rises to the top with a process that seals in flavor. Pasturized at a low temperature and cooled to 40° as it flows into the container and maintained right through to your refridgerator. Rooted in the highest standards for quality, fresh and natural ensures your enjoyment while providing the peace of mind that the ingredients are healthy nutrition for your family.

The Quality Difference

Nothing is added or removed, naturally!

Our milk is not homogenized. Natural milk's fat globules are exploded when homogenized which changes the taste and blends the skim with the cream. Our cream rises to the top, so give the carton a shake to blend your milk naturally. Homogenization may cause most "lactose intolerence", our milk is the natural difference.

The Process Advantage

Happy cows are healthy cows!

Our cows graze in green pastures with rare supplement of wholesome grain. Grass fed cows are proven to give higher levels of key nutrients with a sweeter taste and the added benefit of a cleaner environment. A key to maintaining our pristine facility and a committment to purety from our pasture to your glass.

Whole Milk

Our whole milk has a full body flavor that can only be found in a natural process.

Reduced Fat Milk

We balance flavor with a lower cream content to deliver a healthy alternative.

Chocolate Milk

For the kid in all of us, a delicious treat with beneficial nutrition the body needs.


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